Welcome to the Workshop “TOPOLOGICAL STRUCTURES IN FERROIC MATERIALS ” in Natal-Brazil.

The conference will be held at the International Institute of Physics - UFRN (click here for Google Maps), from June 03 to 23, 2018
Please, see the updated program here. If you are a speaker, please make sure to check the date and time of your presentation.
Natal's airport is located 40km away from the Hotel Praiamar Express, where most of you will be staying. We will be glad to book you a pickup transfer from the airport to the hotel in a private car. If you are interested, please send us your arrival date, time and flight number. This service costs BRL 80,00 Brazilian reais and you can pay directly to the driver.
There are other transfer options at the airport, which costs from BRL 30,00 to BRL 50,00 Brazilian reais. This service you can hire at the airport when you arrive. It takes a little longer to get to the hotel, once these shuttles make several stops. 
During the first week (June 04-08) and last week (June 18-22)  there will be transportation leaving from the hotel Praiamar Express: Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 4014 - Ponta Negra, Natal - RN, 59090-000.
The van will depart at 10:00 am from the Hotel Praiamar Express to the IIP and return from the IIP to the hotel Praiamar Express at 4:00 pm.
During the conference week (June 11-15), the bus will depart from hotel Praiamar Express to IIP at 8:15 am daily and return from IIP to hotel Praimar Express when the talks are over.  Itinerary
IMPORTANT: If you are not staying at the hotel above, please make sure to be at hotel Praiamar Express before the departure time.

3 - MEALS:
Coffee breaks will be served at the event's Hall, according to the conference program. Lunches will be served at the IIP's restaurant - below the Conference Auditorium. For our control, we kindly ask you to write your initials on the restaurant sheet. 
Please, make sure to wear your badge name during lunches and coffee breaks, this way our staff will be able to identify that you are an event participant.

Photocopies may be provided upon request. If you need to print your Poster, please let us know on the first day of the conference. 
There is Wi-Fi access at the IIP auditorium where the sessions will be held. 
password: events@iip2019

    5.1 EXCURSIONS: 

    Saturday, June 16th - Buggy Ride to the North Coast

In this fun buggy ride through the North coast of Natal you will find several attractions such as dunes and lagoons, in addition to plenty of sun, breeze and beautiful beaches. The price for this excursion is R$ 110.00 Brazilian Reais per person. Reservation can be made directly with our event staff.

    Sunday, June 17th - Tour to Pipa Beach 
All day tour to the beautiful and famous Pipa Beach located at Tibau do Sul, 80 kilometers from Natal. The price for this excursion is R$ 70.00 Brazilian Reais per person. Reservation can be made directly with our event staff. 

    5.2 - CONFERENCE DINNER: On Thursday, June 14th, at 07:30 pm we will have the Conference Dinner at Camarões restaurant. This dinner is included in your registration fee.
If you are waived from paying the registration fee or want to bring a guest, the price for this dinner is BRL 150,00 Brazilian reais per person.
*Please let us know if you are vegetarian.
There will be some pictures taken during the lectures and recording as well. If you do not feel comfortable with that, please let us know and our staff will be advised not do it.
All the conference will have live transmission, here is the link for watching it: www.youtube.com/user/iiptv/live

If you need to exchange your money to Brazilian currency, please look for one of our event staff to help you. Most commercial places such as restaurants accept international credit cards. 

Like any large city in South America, Natal has some places which should be avoided for your own safety, please avoid late walks on dark and empty streets. Also, be careful also at the beaches, although beautiful, the occurrence of ocean currents make swimming somewhat unsafe in certain areas. If you have any doubts about your safety, do not hesitate to contact our event staff. Also, the hotel rooms are equipped with safe, so that you can put your passport, money, credit card and/or other expensive belongings. Just for safety, we encourage you to carry a copy of your passport instead of the original one. 
In the case of an emergency or any other question, please contact one of our event staff:

Bia Pessoa at 55 (84) 99194 0505 or bpessoa@iip.ufrn.br 
Stivny Batista at 55 (84) 98826-0320 or stivny@iip.ufrn.br

Anel Viário da UFRN, CP: 1613, 
s/n - Lagoa Nova, Natal - RN, 
59078-970, Brasilia.


International Institute of Physics