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Current research interests regarding interfaces, domains, domain walls, vortices, spin currents and spin torque, spin textures and skyrmions in (multi)ferroics constitute an emerging field in solid state physics and materials science. Connecting these research fields with topological concepts in physics will contribute to the fundamental understanding and will merge these hot topics. 

Following the great success of the TOPO2015 workshop in Sydney, TOPO2016 in Dresden and TOPO2017 in Leeds we are happy to invite you to TOPO2018, the International Workshop on Topological Structures in Ferroic Materials, which will take place and co-organized by the  International Institute of Physics (IIP) in the equatorial Atlantic Brazilian resort, Natal, having great beaches, interesting historical sites, beautiful nature areas and excellent research infrastructure.

TOPO2018 specifically seeks to generate synergies between research communities working on ferroelectric materials and magnetic materials, both in theory and experiment.

The IIP is a research institute with an international vocation, permanently facing the frontier areas of theoretical physics. Its mission is to intensify the exchange of scientific knowledge with the international community and, in particular with the Latin American community, being a pole unifying...
Natal is the capital and largest city of the state Rio Grande do Norte, located in northeastern Brazil in the far east of South America...

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